CMMS: Computerised Maintenance Management Software

A computerized maintenance management system helps asset-intensive organizations digitally plan, track, measure, and optimize all maintenance activities.

CMMS software provides the platform and workflow to manage your maintenance operation, including reactive maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance. A CMMS solution centralizes facility maintenance information, enabling you to automate any asset maintenance task.

A CMMS also eliminates paperwork and time-consuming activities, thereby freeing the staff to take on more important tasks and enabling them to be more productive and proactive.

Fiix is on a mission to build better maintenance teams by connecting customers to the tools, resources, and technology they need to join the future of maintenance. We help our customers drive better business outcomes with easy-to-use, AI-driven maintenance software, an open ecosystem, pre-built integrations, and the industry expertise they need for maintenance success. There are over 3000 maintenance teams in 90+ countries using Fiix to improve efficiency, asset health, and even sustainability.

Industrial Target Market

Maintenance use cases as an indicator of fit. Maintenance needs are relatively universal: equipment breaks and it needs to be repaired or replaced. Industry verticals tend to have common characteristics, and the needs of maintenance tend to be aligned on three key factors:  type of equipment, role of production, and the importance and maturity of maintenance.

Equipment intensive

Operations where the equipment is high value and complex and requires more attention to maintenance and servicing. The use of sensors or devices to monitor equipment is a good example of being equipment intensive.

Out of target:

  • Lower value of equipment, run to fail,
    and where replacement vs. repair are
    key considerations

Production oriented

Operations where products or goods are being produced. Typically production sites or plants, not facilities or field services that are more about delivering or selling goods and services, such as retail, public services (education, government), or financial services (i.e. banking). Focused on tracking key metrics around uptime, throughput and equipment value.

Out of target:

  • Non production environments, or where
    facilities focus on services such as retail,
    offices, schools, or churches.

Reliability centric

Operations where reliability and other operational excellence processes and standards are used.

Maintenance is going beyond simple reactive or run to fail maintenance and are using or moving towards more advanced maintenance strategies such as preventive, condition-based or other advanced reliability strategies (TPM or predictive).

Out of target:

  • Basic work orders and only focusing on
    reactive maintenance service requests

Roles and personas

Group buying and functional roles. In B2B, especially in the enterprise, purchasing is done in groups, where buy-in and support across the group is critical. There are always primary groups and individuals (personas) who drive the purchase, implementation and adoption.


Primary Audience

The primary users and buyers.  Often reporting into Plant or Facilities Management, the maintenance team is responsible for managing work orders and team members, tracking asset information and labor information, and minimizing downtime.

Maintenance Manager
Maintenance Director


Accountable & Reporting

Operations “owns” maintenance, the team reports to a COO (Chief Operating Officer) and is accountable for the operations of sites/facilities and the production of goods and services. Operations are primarily focused on meeting production goals.

VP of Operations
Plant or Site Managers



Executive team ensures the goals for the overall company is meet, including: shareholder value, profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee motivation. Executive sponsors are informed and involved during the CMMS buying process, especially in enterprise deals.


IT & Administration


Administration functions support organizations. They keep administration costs lower, while providing the best possible services so the company works efficiently, and within a set of standards and policies. IT and Finances are involved.

Director of IT
Systems Manager

The Fiix platform

Fiix’s CMMS leads customers through their digital maintenance journey. Powered by the most open integration network available and an AI-driven insights engine, the Fiix platform combines mobile asset management, work order, and parts management

Software Ecosystem

Software ecosystem, and where Fiix fits

ERP Suites

Large traditional software category for enterprises where corporate wide “resources” are pulled together to provide a single source of customer and business information: finance, HR, sales, services, support, and operations. The operations pillar would include supply chain, purchasing and inventory management. ERP key modules include: Financials/ Accounting (GL), Supply Chain Management, Materials Management, EAM.

Production Systems

These are engineering systems and connected supply chains in the production process. They tend to have closer alignment with engineering needs:

Production level: MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), MOM (Manufacturing Operating Management) or SCADA

Machine level:  PLCs, and Historians

Sensor/ IoT level

Fleet/ Telematics

Documentation (CAD, tech pubs).

Maintenance & Operations

CMMS: Focused on overall maintenance operations and supporting the workflows, assets, and reporting specific to maintenance. CMMS software tends to be seen as systems with field, facilities, and property management capabilities. However, we really see the core capabilities of the software in production environments such as a manufacturing plant.

EAM: Enterprise asset management systems are focused more broadly on tracking and managing operational assets. They’re closely aligned with ERP systems and have historically been used in maintenance, however, they became too complex and hard to use to gain traction.

Indirect Operational

EHS: EHS software is primarily focused on helping customers with regulatory compliance for industry health, environment safety and risk management with tools such as EHS emissions tracking and incident reporting.

Advanced Analytics

Industrial AI & Business intelligence: Focus on AI or business intelligence software designed for industrial use cases. Typically around predictive maintenance and asset failure detection.

Modules and capabilities

Fiix provides a complete CMMS platform powered by the first and only AI engine for maintenance allowing teams to manage their maintenance operations, differentiated by a cloud-based, easy-to-use, mobile-first, integrated platform which supports our “land and expand” GTM motion

Value proposition and product benefits

The Fiix platform allows customers to:

  1. Lower maintenance costs
  • Monitor and use data to proactively manage maintenance department costs

     (KPI: Cost/Production Unit, Cost/Asset)

  1. Lower maintenance costs
  • Monitor and use data to proactively manage maintenance department costs

     (KPI: Cost/Production Unit, Cost/Asset)

  1. Improve asset performance
  • View and manage all equipment information in one place— everything from repair history and cost, to hierarchy, parts consumption, and more

     (KPI: MTBF, MTTR)

  1. Leverage existing IT/OT investments
  • Integration Hub makes it easier to connect, collect, share data, and trigger work across any enterprise and production system

Single Source of Truth for Data