Customer Engagement Lifecycle

Our after-sales service and support is our core strength and have helped differentiate us. In today’s world and growing e-commerce business model there are many organizations that have merely efficient supply chain and product selling capability.

At Multivista we believe that we are a solution provider to our customers.Selling the product is only a smaller part of the transaction and engagement we have with our customers. Our complete scope of customer engagement includes

Pre-Sales Support

  • Training and Update sessions to customers on Product Enhancements, Application and Domain targeted solutions and best practices
  • Hand hold the customer in BOM Optimization and product selection as per the required specifications and meeting customer budgets

  • Help the customer plan the multiple phases, timelines and budgets for investments and upgrades from start to final completion of the project

Product Life Cycle Management

Sales Support

Product Life Cycle Management
  • Quick responses to RFQ and setting the right expectations for the purchase process

  • Rate Contract process for long term engagement

  • Transparent pricing and clear Incoterms

  • Compliances towards all GST and statutory guidelines

  • Experience handling special zones and customers with special clearances for direct import, Duty free imports etc

  • Periodic updates on status of orders, shipments, invoices etc

  • Including an extended Partner Ecosystem as required for complete solutions

After Sales Support

  • Installation and Commissioning of the product as needed

  • Service Contracts including – Periodic Maintenance, Call out Service, AMC’s

  •  Product life cycle upgrade, software upgrades

  • Product Obsolescence mitigation programs- Buy Back, Extended Warranty etc

Product Life Cycle Management

Supply Chain Management

At Multivista, we have built a robust supply chain management mechanism, which helps not only to reduce costs but also to prevent backlog. It is designed to provide better quality through superior packing while also enhancing the speed of conveyance.

Our well-oiled operations at our warehouses have ensured that our shipments are intact. We have surpassed our customer expectations on timely delivery, prompt mode of shipments, packing quality, and adherence to statutory procedures.


Focus on Quality

All products are subject to thorough quality checks as prescribed by our partner companies and adequate inventories are maintained at all our warehouse locations.

Our product delivery satisfies international standards and fulfills stringent quality norms.

Support to Partners

Thanks to our agile SCM activities, we have ensured that our Partners can concentrate on their core activities, with the trust that Multivista will take care of the rest.

This clear understanding and mutual respect has helped us in maintaining a long-term association with our Partners.

Branches & Distribution Network

To ensure seamless business transactions, Multivista has built a wide distribution network manned by efficient professionals. We have multiple branch locations to serve our customers efficiently and enhance our reach to end users.

To serve our customers better and faster, we have branch offices at major locations such as Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam, Gurgaon, Agra and Lucknow.


Warehouses at Strategic Locations


Multiple warehouses are also strategically located at Chennai, Madurai, Hyderabad and Bangalore, Delhi, Agra and Lucknow. We have built a strong logistic network supported by 3PL partners to help serve our customer faster. Our Hub and Spoke warehouse model helps us ensure that inventory is adequately maintained at our central hub location and quick response during emergencies is possible from our spoke locations which is closer to customer.

Technology Platform

All these locations are integrated using our SAP ERP platform that ensures real-time availability of information and better visibility across all spheres of operation.