Our illustrious journey of nearly five decades is rooted in four core tenets: Customer Connect, Engineering Expertise, Fortified Infrastructure and Financial Strength.

Customer Connect

We serve over 4000 customers globally in our distribution business in more than 45 industry verticals. In our Print business we work with the largest publishers in the education, children’s books, and medical journals. With close five decades of customer service experiences we have built strong relationships with our clientele base over trust, mutual respect and fair and ethical business practices.

Some of the Core Sectors we Serve

  • Electronics
  • Power
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing

  • Cement

  • Food & Beverage
  • Tyre

  • Textile

  • Cold Storage

  • General Engineering

  • Life Sciences

  • Dairy

  • Food Processing
  • Material Handling
  • OEM

  • System Integrators

Engineering Expertise

We offer complete life-cycle management and end-to-end support to our customers, on the strength of our rich experience, skilled resources, product knowledge and technical expertise.

Trained by our OEM partners our technical team comprising of Product Specialists, Application Engineers, OEM Technical consultants and Sales Engineers know their domain, products and provide the right solutions.

Our customer care team interacts with our industrial customer base to provide details and allocate service team members within the shortest possible time to ensure our customer equipment and operations are restored

Our Print Customer Service Representatives provide real time information on the manufacturing process, expected date of shipments and all logistics related updated to our global customers.

Fortified Infrastructure

We have an agile team of more than 250 associates servicing our Industrial clients. We have built a strong after-market service organization to focus on AMC & Spares business. Our sales offices and satellite locations are spread over major cities in India bringing our teams closer to our customers and responsive to their dynamic needs.

Our Hub warehouse is located in Chennai and Delhi and our Spoke Warehouses are located in Agra, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Bangalore. While our manufacturing facility is in Chennai that has access to rail, road, air and sea shipments for managing our supply chain operations.

Our integrated ERP, CRM and other business process software combined with our IT backbone systems provides seamless connectivity and access to information across our locations.

Financial Strength

Multivista possesses the financial capability to grow existing businesses and venture into new business. Our strong focus on financial parameters and banking relationships has made this possible over the years. We continuously work on operational efficiencies with effective cost control measures across our businesses. Our financial governance & strong control on operational parameters have helped us withstand the test of times through the past economic downturns including the impact of Covid.

Our corporate governance in the financial, compliances and audit arena is a strength that gives us the confidence to grow and expand to capture emerging opportunities.