Prosoft Technology
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Prosoft provides connectivity solutions that link dissimilar automation products and those working on multiple protocols. The solutions act as a bridge between various automation products, proprietary and open protocols thus making it a holistic solution for a customer.

Prosoft specializes in developing communication solutions that are compatible with major automation control suppliers such as Rockwell Automation and can integrate various components like Gateways, Wireless Solutions, Network Repeaters/Extenders Solutions, Remote Access. The Prosoft Software integrates the stand alone controls into a complete integrated solution.

Product Range:

  • In-Chassis Communication modules
  • Communication Gateways
  • Extenders
  • Routers and Repeaters 
  • Protocol Convertors 
  • Remote & Secure network access


In-chassis communication modules
Communication Gateways
Industrial wireless solutions
Software solutions
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Hardware Meets Software™
Makers and Users

HMS stands for Hardware Meets Software. Our technology enables industrial hardware to communicate and share information with software and systems. This is the foundation for realising the Industrial Internet of Things.

We at Multivista are pleased to announce our new partnership with HMS.

HMS develops and markets products and solutions within Industrial Information and Communication Technology (Industrial ICT), that enable industrial equipment to communicate and share information with software and systems.

This new partnership brings together HMS’s product expertise & Multivista’s industry experience to solve the needs of industrial businesses.


Anybus Wireless (Bolt and Bridge)
Anybus Communicator
Anybus X-gateways
eWON Cosy
eWON Flexy
eWON Base Modules

eWON Cloud & Support Service
(Argos, Talk2M, Gold Support eFive)

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