Our Quality Assurance

  • Quality of products or service in today’s world is a basic expectation from a customer.

  • In our Distribution business, our partnerships with the best-in-class brands ensures that the products we sell provide world class quality.

  • Our Product Specialists and Service teams are well trained on domain and product and thereby ensure they provide the right service levels in every customer interaction 

  • Our Supply Chain & Sales team are governed by processes and undergo training and take feedback from customers to continuously improve

  • At our print facility, quality certifications, responsible sourcing of raw materials, adherence to WIP checks through the manufacturing processes ensures that every book that leaves the line has passed the norms established 

Our Certifications

We strongly believe that quality cannot be achieved merely at the last stage on the Inspection table. It requires compliance at every stage through the entire manufacturing process

Starting with sourcing of the best raw materials through final delivery of the finished product. We have been assessed and certified by international quality associations, which include ISO 9001:2008 and other industry-relevant certifications. Our FSC compliant sourcing ensures we source paper from mills that own responsibility towards the environment. Our ISO 14001 certification and compliances ensures we constantly also focus on sustainable manufacturing processes with focus to cut down our Carbon footprint for a greener tomorrow.