Posital Fraba
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FRABA Group, a market-leading enterprise using advanced product design and manufacturing process ensuring a technology leadership, product quality and competitive price. POSITAL is a member of the international FRABA Group. 

Posital manufactures sensors and encoders for motion control, position control and safety assurance systems. The products are used in a wide range of settings, from manufacturing to mining and agriculture to energy. There are over a million combination of possible configuration of products to customize as per the user’s requirement.

Multivista supports our customers in product selection and configuration of Posital Fraba range of products. We also have the expertise to integrate the Posital solutions with our Rockwell solution architecture.



High Precision Rotary Encoders, Absolute Encoders, Robust and Programmable Kit Encoders, Incremental Encoders, Versatile LINARIX Linear Sensors

Posital Fraba
Posital Fraba

Wide Selection of Accessories:

  • Connectors and Cables: Robust, with up to IP67 or IP69K Protection
  • Measuring Wheels: Turn an Encoder into Linear Position Sensor
  • Counters & Display Modules: On-site Position or Speed Measurement
  • Adapter Flanges: Rugged Adapter Flanges for Easy Installation
  • Clamping Rings: Mechanical adapters for Hollow Shafts
  • Draw Wire Adapters: Combined with encoders for linear motion measurement
  • Clamp Discs: Robust & Versatile Clamp Discs
  • Couplings: Large Variety of Couplings for all Applications
  • Torque Support: Robust Torque Support for Hollow Shafts Configuration and Interface Modul

Application Areas

  • Mobile Machinery

  • Material Handling

  • Renewable Energy

  • Healthcare
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Posital Fraba
Posital Fraba

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