Allen-Bradley® Kinetix® 5300 and Kinetix 5100 Servo Drives & Kinetix TLP Servo Motor

Versatile motion control solutions for small to medium machines

The Total Package

Looking to improve your production metrics?

Kinetix servo drives from Rockwell Automation are designed to simplify machine designs,
enhance system flexibility and increase overall performance

Kinetix 5300 and Kinetix 5100 servo drives are designed to be paired with the Kinetix TLP servo motor, delivering complete motion control solutions that are right-sized for small to medium machines. These drive-motor pairings are designed with all the essential features to help machine builders deliver innovative and competitive solutions.

Kinetix 5300 Servo Drive

Seamless integration with Rockwell Automation® Logix control offers flexibility in design for small to medium machines in a variety of motion control applications. Designed with all the essentials covered – comprehensive power range, dual Ethernet ports, and hardwired Safe Torque Off, the Kinetix 5300 proves to be an excellent choice right-sized for building or modernizing machines with lower axes count.

Features And Benefits

  • Power Range – Rated power of 0.05…2 kW at 120…230V, 3…7.5 kW at 230V and 0.4…7.5 kW at 460V. Rated power references the output power at the motor, which simplifies and facilitates sizing efforts.

  • Logix Integration – Integration with Logix as single control engine – and Studio 5000 as single design environment – streamlining the design, implementation and control of the machine.

  • Tuningless Startup – Features like Tracking Notch Filters and Load Observers help simplify commissioning and keep the machine running smoothly with automatic adjustments.

  • Safety, Simply – Hardwired Safe Torque Off comes standard, providing safety features without any additional parts or labor.

  • Get Connected – EtherNet/IP with Device Level Ring (DLR) eliminates the need for additional accessories.

  • IO – Four digital inputs, two of which can be used as fast digital input functions. Auxilliary feedback wiring is included as part of the IO connector.

Kinetix 5100 Servo Drive

Designed for versatility, the Kinetix 5100 provides a large range of power options to fit the unique needs of every individual application. With a wider choice of power range than comparable alternatives – up to 15 kW – Kinetix 5100 drives can be used in standalone mode or with Micro800™ or Logix controllers.

Features And Benefits

  • Safety, Simply – Hardwired Safe Torque Off is standard on all units, providing safety features without any additional parts or labor.

  • IO – Ten freely assignable digital inputs (two can be used as fast digital input functions) and five freely assignable digital outputs.
  • Quick Change – Control mode changes (i.e. Speed to Torque) on the fly, so the control system can switch modes without stopping the running condition.
  • Smooth Sailing – Optimized machine performance with reduced manual tuning effort, minimizes vibration without slowing down system response time
  • Power Range – More comprehensive power range than comparable solutions (0.05…2 kW at 120…230V, 3…15 kW at 230V and 0.4…15 kW at 460V) to tailor power to the application.

  • More Action, Less Distraction – Indexing and eCAM function to provide more motion commands than other products without the need for separate control systems.

  • Stands Alone, Fits Together – Choose your own control with three options: standalone control, connectivity to Micro800 controllers or connectivity to Logix controllers. Quick and easy setup. Kinetix 5100 drives seamlessly integrate into Logix applications with specially designed AOIs

Kinetix TLP Servo Motor & Accessories

Tested and validated for optimized performance with Kinetix 5100 and Kinetix 5300 servo drives, this motor is available in eight frame sizes and ranges from 50 W to 15 kW. Complete the customization of your system with a range of motor cables and accessories.

Features And Benefits

  • Size Options – Available in eight frame sizes ranging from 46 mm to 235 mm and options for 200V or 400V.
  • Resolution – 24-bit high resolution absolute feedback.
  • Power Range – Rated power ranging from 50 W to 15 kW – a wider range than comparable motors.

  • Proven Performance, Global Use – The Kinetix TLP servo motor is UL/CSA Recognized and CE marked.
  • Brake Option – Integral 24V DC brake option for machine customization.
  • Perfect Fit – Wide selection of cable lengths (up to 50 meters) in both flexible and non-flexible options to meet varying space requirements and machine designs.

Kinetix 5300 Servo Drive and Kinetix TLP Servo Motor

Kinetix 5100 Servo Drive and Kinetix TLP Servo Motor System Pairing

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