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ChintShell India Markets Pvt. Ltd is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with around 87,000 employees in more than 70 countries and territories. Shell's innovative approach ensures they are ready to help tackle the challenges of the new energy future.

Shell has been 'first to market' with many lubricant innovations, and the company's commitment to research and development reflects that it is well placed to introduce the next generation of world-leading lubricants. Shell lubricants are manufactured at a global network of base oil plants, blending plants and grease plants before delivery to customers through distribution facilities worldwide. Shell has five lubricants research and development centres in UK, Germany, France, US and Japan.

Shell Lubricants makes and sells more than 3,000 different lubricants to meet customer needs across a wide range of applications, marketed in approximately 120 countries. These include consumer motoring, commercial transport, mining, food processing and power generation. Employing 13,000 people worldwide to manufacture, market, sell and distribute finished lubricants.

Since 1997, Shell India has been manufacturing its lubricants at its state-of-the-art lubricant oil blending plant at Taloja, near Mumbai. This is a fully robotised, environmentally safe and spill-proof plant that has various quality and environment management systems certifications like ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certificates. Shell lubricants have extensive distribution network across the country.

Multivista has partnered with SHELL for their Industrial Oil's, Greases, & Lubricant products for the region of Andhra Pradesh. Our team consisting of well-trained Product Specialist, Sales engineers, OEM technical consultants and Application engineers will provide all technical assistance related to product selection, configuration selection based on the requirements of our customers. The Industry verticals that would see great value from this range of products include Cement, Plywood, Edible oil, Power, Steel, Construction, HVAC, Metallurgy, Distribution Stations etc... This range will also offer an expanded basket for our OEM's who would require Oils and Lubricants for all their capital and auxiliary equipment's

The distribution commitment between Multivista and Shell in the space of Industrial Lubricants which help Multivista in strengthening its commitment to becoming a "One Stop Shop for Core Industrial Products, Solutions & Services" for all our customers.

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Product Range:

  • Axle and transmission oils - Shell Spirax
  • Bearing and circulating oils- Shell Morlina
  • Compressor oils - Shell Corena
  • Gear oils - Shell Omala
  • Greases - Shell Gadus
  • Hydraulic fluids - Shell Tellus
  • Process oils - Shell Risella X
  • Slideway oils - Shell Tonna
  • Turbine oils- Shell Turbo
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