Schneider Electric Infrastructure Limited (SEIL)

ArevaSchneider Electric Globally was a 22 B Euro (sales 2011) company with close to 100,000 associates spread across the world. Schneider Electric is organized globally into five main verticals namely Energy and Infrastructure, Buildings, Industry, Residential and Data Centres. In 2009 Schneider Electric with the vision to become global player in the field of MV products and solutions for smart grid automation and energy efficient distribution market made the strategic acquisition of AREVA’s Distribution business

In India the AREVA’s Distribution business and associated products has now transformed into Schneider Electric Infrastructure Limited (SEIL) which is a listed company with controlling stakes held by Schneider Electric India Private Limited. (SEIPL).

MVGL is currently partnered with SEILfor the entire Southern Region for their complete range of Protection relays and control panel accessories. With this new partnership there has been significant product, technology and solution capability addition which we will be able to offer to the LV / MV markets and end users. We will have differentiated product offering for our Relay Panel Building customers and Utility segments based on the protection features and end user specifications. Schneider known for its superior supply chain capability and keen focus on customer service will further strengthen their product sourcing capability which will give us the edge to service customers with their urgent needs for Protection Relays.

Our association with this product line began in 1992 and is very unique as we have been the channel partners for this product line when the protection relay business in India was under the brand name of English Electric. Though the product line has changed multiple principal company ownership and today is owned by SEIL, MVGL has been the partner of choice through all these transitions as our relationships with the end customers was the key differentiating factor.

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Product Range

  • Micom Relays
  • SEPAM Relays
  • VAPM Relays
  • Overhead and Underground Fault Pass Indicators
  • Smart RTUs
  • Electromechanical Relays (partner branded products)
  • Control Panel Accessories

Schneider Electric Infrastructure Limited

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