Print Solutions

Print SolutionsWe are a leading Printing house in India, equipped with latest, state of the art Printing and Binding machines. We specialize in the art of printing and manufacturing educational books

Started in 1974 as a modest letterpress unit, over the years, we have grown into a fully integrated print house with a host of single, two and four color machines. We boast of highly sophisticated Heidelberg and Ryobi printing machines and Muller Martini and Kolbus online binding machines.

Over the years we have become the preferred print house for our various domestic and international clients primarily because:

  1. We believe in investing in state of the art machinery.
  2. We source reliable and high quality raw materials.
  3. We employ skilled, efficient and technically qualified workforce.

This has not only improved our reliability but has also enhanced our capability to produce high quality books.

Our Print House is located in Chennai very close to a Sea and Air port. This not only gives the publisher the flexibility and choice for the mode of transport but also translates into quicker delivery of goods to destinations and is economical in terms of freight costs.

Our success is attributed mainly to the flexibility with which we adapt to different kinds of jobs. We specialize in the niche market of educational books and we cater to large publications.


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