Our Philosophy

Multivista's corporate philosophy is to expand into new vistas with a strong focus on exceeding our Stake Holders expectations. We cherish our partnership with every client across all BUSINESS VERTICAL.

Our corporate philosophy has always been:

  1. Explore new Vistas and Set Global Standards
  2. Keep-up with the Time with Values Unchanged


"We have changed in size, in strengths and structure,
but our core values have remained unaltered."
Mr. R.Shankar, Chairman


Mr.S.RajagopalMr.S.Rajagopal, known as Rajam by his friends and relatives, was a dynamic and farsighted entrepreneur. A man of thorough determination, grit, sincerity, honesty and confidence. In 1962 he, started his business venture knowing well the sky was his only limit. His early initiatives were related to trading of spares for the auto component industry and he slowly shifted focus to general industries with time. In 1974 his four sons joined him and under his guidance, they proved themselves by achieving rapid business growth and diversified the existing operations. Today they are Directors in the company and steer the companies' growth initiatives. Over the years they have built this pyramid of Multivista with a solid base and the apex is growing constantly. The third generation of Mr. Rajagopal's family, have also joined the company after education and work exposure in multinational companies outside India. This shows the management's commitment towards its employees and stake holders. Generations of the "Rajam" family continue to walk the steps of its founding father with the same core values and beliefs.



As the name suggests, "Multi" refers to the multifaceted company that has been built over the years, and it has opened up new "Vista's" for our business models that range from offset printing to industrial products distribution And as we are a truly Global player today, having customers spanning across the world and as our name personifies our business model is to grow vertically and expand horizontally.


The Multivista Global symbolizes(tick) symbol used in our logo symbolises our code of doing everything the right way, be it corporate ethics, upholding our values or offering the right service at the right time to our stake holders.


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