About Gefran India Private Limited

PentairGefran was founded in 1960 in Provaglio D'Iseo and today it is a leader in in the space of highly specialized sensors for every need, able to measure all principal physical quantities. Gefran offers unrivalled range of products in terms of its breadth, quality and specialization with over 8 production plants and 17 Sales subsidiaries across the globe.

Gefran provides precision devices like Transducers and Transmitters for the measurement of process variables such as temperature, power, pressure and position. The primary elements are produced in clean rooms protected from any interference and equipped with hi-tech instrumentation

Multivista has partnered with Gefran for their wide range of Sensors, for the region of South India. Our team consisting of well trained product specialist, sales engineers, OEM technical consultants and Application Engineers provide all technical assistance related to product selection, configuration selection for our customers. Through this Partnership our focus would be to service verticals that include Plastics, Metal, HVAC, Hoist and Crane, Electric furnaces, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Steel rolling mills, Textile, Paper, Mobile hydraulics etc,.

Product Range:


  • Linear position Sensors: Magnetostrictive (Profile) & (Rod Style)
  • Linear position Sensors: Potentiometer
  • Rectilinear Displacement Transducers
  • Rotative Displacement Transducers
  • Encoders - Tachometer & Pulse Rotation Encoders
  • Melt pressure sensors (Mercury / Oil Filled / NaK Filled/ Fluid Free)
  • Melt pressure Control System (Mercury / Oil Filled / Transducer Simulator)
  • Strain and force sensors
  • Thermocouples - Resistance Thermometers
  • Load Cells & Amplifiers
  • Heater Control Module
  • Modular Power Controllers for Resistive and Inductive loads
  • PID Temperature Controller
  • Indicator - Alarm Units
  • 556 Quartz timer / counter / frequency meter
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