Multivista Global Private Limited has filed a request with the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) to seek the demerger of its current Physical Infrastructure Assets to be carved out from its current business and to be moved to a separate holding company. This is being done as part of our organizations corporate restructuring process to concentrate our investments and growth efforts towards our businesses related to Industrial Distribution and Printing Solutions and thereby to strengthen our market leadership positioning. This demerger will also provide independence to our corporate decisions with regard to utilisation of cash flows for our business operation expansions, capital expenditure infusion into performing assets and allow the company to be nimble and light footed to explore newer and inorganic investment options that could be needed for the business growth in future. This demerger process aims to protect and maximise the overall value over time for all our stakeholders be it our shareholders, employees, customers and business partners. The procedure and process related to this Demerger will be strictly in compliance with the laws stipulated by NCLT and are being handled by our expert team.

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